MUST READ: Black Attorney Suspended After Going 'Ghetto' and Sending Racist, Antisemitic Letter to Client

The Maryland Court of Appeals has placed a lawyer on indefinite suspension from the bar after she sent an anti-Semitic letter to a client and knowingly misrepresented the circumstances to Bar Counsel.

According to her LinkedIn profile, the lawyer, Amber Maiden, specializes in employment litigation and "largely represents employees in the federal employment sector who have experienced employment discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, or gender."

In 2019, a Jewish man by the name of Brian Riese recruited Maiden to defend him in a lawsuit where he was alleging sex discrimination on the part of the State Department. After determining that the State Department had also discriminated against her based on race, Maiden, a Black woman, eventually entered the lawsuit as a co-defendant. In the event that they won their lawsuit, she intended to increase the requested damages to $20 million and keep half of the proceeds for herself.

Riese opposed when Maiden said she wanted a split of any damages granted in the lawsuit—50 percent. As a result, Maiden became furious and insulted Mr. Riese horribly and profanely. Maiden claimed in an email to Riese that she felt like she was "being ambushed or otherwise disrespected" and that Riese was mistakenly thinking she was "someone far less intelligent," arguing that this is "almost always the case when dealing with white Americans."

With his response to the irate letter, Mr. Riese stated that he was "greatly offended" by Maiden's claim that he would treat her "in less esteem based on race." Then Riese asked Maiden to end their attorney-client relationship by returning all case-related paperwork to him.

The email included a 20-page diatribe about Riese that was extremely abusive, racist, and anti-Semitic. It called Riese a "greedy Jewish man" who benefited from white privilege. In her letter, Maiden used demeaning, vulgar, and antisemitic language, showing a serious lack of regard for both her former client and an entire religious community.

Maiden was unsure if Riese is Jewish, as if this weren't absurd enough enough. She simply abuses him with antisemitic slurs because she "thinks" he is Jewish.

The letter began, "It's about to get really real. “I gotta break into my African-American dialect (lots of cursing) so you will understand- I am 100% that b****… and not to be f***ed with.”

According to Maiden, "I can tell you right now, money does not move me, the way it moves you. “At the risk of offending you, I am going to say, it’s probably because you’re Jewish (I think) and that seems to be a part of your culture, (with the men anyway, the women are different.)”

"I get that," Maiden said.

Oh, but it got worse.

“You white people… almost everything you say, everything you do, really pisses us off (Ghetto Princess talking now) because you people are so insensitive to all the f***ed up sh*t that happens to us (like German Nazis) and you expect us to cry over your pain. Pulease.”

“[I]f you are white in America you are straight up on the Nazi side of it. And if you think we don’t know who you all are, and what you are about and that most of you who vote Repubican are racist AF, and are trying to kill us off, because you don’t want to deal, well you’re wrong.”

“I know why you’re like this. If you are in fact Jewish, this is a part of your culture, yall Jew boys and that money… you think it’s antisemitic for people to call you out for the f***ed-up sh*t you do. NO. It is not.”

This wasn't even all of the letter. There were 20 pages of it.

It's like I've said before, it's not just white people that are racist. I would even say that it's primarily not white people who are racist. Black people are racist as well despite what they say about it being impossible.

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