Musk Puts Dems On Blast Over Trump Situation

Democrats have recently found themselves as the butt of jokes from Elon Musk as he called them out this past Tuesday due to the New York City arraignment of former President Donald Trump.

Trump had recently been arrested in the wake of surrendering himself to Alvin Bragg, the Manhattan District Attorney, in order to face the numerous felony charges issued in relation to alleged payments of hush money to porn actress Stormy Daniels during the 2016 election cycle. A large number of critics have marked the case as politically motivated in its entirety since, historically, no former commander-in-chief has ever faced criminal charges. Prosecutors have made the claim that the alleged $130,000 in hush money was made as an improper donation ot the Trump campaign because the money was used to halt an unfavorable story and thereby benefit his run for office.

Musk issued his response to the ordeal via a post to social media reacting to Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY), who contended that Trump will "have a fair trial that follows the facts and the law" and exhorted the supporters of Trump to stay calm, with a warning that the American public will end up losing confidence in the justice system if such prosecutions are found to be political and one-sided.

"To avoid losing the trust of the American public, it is important that our justice system pursue Democrats and Republicans with equal vigor," Musk stated. "Whichever party most puts justice before nepotism is the one that deserves trust."

Known to work as the chief executive of Tesla, SpaceX, and Twitter, Musk posted a meme quipping that Democrats would end up traveling back in time to murder Trump before his unexpected rise to political stardom if they could access a time machine. He previously predicted that the former president would be able to secure re-election in a "landslide victory" in the wake of his arrest, especially if he were handcuffed.

A vocal critic of quite a few different economic policies from the Biden administration, Musk started what seems to be a political epiphany throughout the lockdowns that gripped the nation just over three years ago. He has since pressed other Americans to "take the red pill" and claimed that leftists are "losing the middle" of the political spectrum, buying out Twitter this past year in what seems to be an attempt to promote fully open dialogue.

Trump was slammed with a total of 34 felony counts of falsifying business records, all of which are the lowest-level felonies that can be charged in the state, but each of those charges holds a four-year prison sentence.

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