MSM Hiding HUGE Lawsuit Against Elections Assistance Commission...Here's What They Don't Want You to Know

The media has been keeping something secret from you.

Chances are that you haven't heard about this because the powers that be don't want you to know about this.

If I'm being completely honest, I wasn't expecting anything like this to happen, but nevertheless, I'm pleased about it.

The Election Assistance Commission is actually being sued for updating its policy which allowed the voting machines to be accessible via the internet.

For those who may not know who the Election Assistance Commission is:

"The Election Assistance Commission is an independent agency of the United States government created by the Help America Vote Act of 2002. The Commission serves as a national clearinghouse and resource of information regarding election administration. It is charged with administering payments to states and developing guidance to meet HAVA requirements, adopting voluntary voting system guidelines, and accrediting voting system test laboratories and certifying voting equipment. It is also charged with developing and maintaining a national mail voter registration form."

How is this even in someone's wildest dreams something that should happen? Why would machines with some of the most important information in the country, the information that determines the leader of the free world, be accessible by hackers?

Why is the mainstream media not reporting this at all? Isn't this important information? Shouldn't every American be made aware of the fact that there is some legitimately questionable things that happened in the election?

We should know that, but if all you do is follow the mainstream media then you're not going to hear about it because then they would have to acknowledge that President Trump was right all along as well as 100 million Americans who voted for him.

It really makes me wonder what's going to happen when all is said and done with the investigation in Maricopa County, Arizona. The results there should be enough to overturn the "official" results that were declared last year. What that process actually looks like I have no idea and I can only suspect that it would be resolved in the Supreme Court.

If some of these other states manage to be able to have an audit conducted as well, then it should be enough to vindicate what we've been claiming which is that President Trump was the rightful winner of the election, not Joe Biden.

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