MSM Hides News of Capturing Murderer After Not Fitting Narrative, You Need to See This

Johnny Cochran said, "If it doesn't fit, you must acquit," speaking of the evidence against O.J. Simpson in the trial.

In the same manner, if a news story doesn't fit the mainstream media's agenda, they don't report it or they don't report it honestly.

Remember, the only news that you're going to see on the tv or on the mainstream media websites is going to be stories that fit their agenda.

If it doesn't match what they want you to believe, you're likely not going to hear about it from them. If it doesn't instill fear and anger, it's not newsworthy.

Here's another news story that's missing from the mainstream media that you're not going to see this plastered all over the news because it doesn't fit the narrative. Police arrested a wanted murderer, who happens to be a black man, without firing a shot, this included white people.

Tyler Terry, the man accused in the murders of four people and other violent crimes, was arrested without incident in South Carolina after a manhunt across several states. Terry and his accomplice, girlfriend Adrienne Simpson, were captured following a week-long hunt by 300 officers.

Terry is accused of killing two people in South Carolina, including Adrienne Simpson's estranged husband, Eugene O’Brien Simpson. He is thought to have murdered two other people in the suburbs of St. Louis, and police are busy working to link the pair to additional shootings. Simpson sported a black eye in her booking photo; her mother claims Terry has abused his girlfriend in the past.

The search for the killers began with 100 officers and tripled as it grew into one of the longest manhunts in the area's recent history. The massive team of officers that arrested Simpson and charged Terry with the killing of Thomas Hardin, whose body was discovered in York, South Carolina, emphasized that no shots were fired in the arrests of Terry and Simpson.

The Charlotte division of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives tweeted early Monday that its Rapid Response Team has been deployed to assist in the hunt for Terry.

Authorities had said Terry is considered armed and dangerous and urged residents to stay inside, lock their doors, and secure their valuables and firearms. They had also advised residents to stay vigilant of their barns and crawl spaces, and to check in on loved ones in the area.

Officers began holding a perimeter near Highway 9, Highway 99 and Richburg Road on Sunday afternoon after Terry was believed to have run off into a wooded area nearby.

Sources: Fox News

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