Mother And Daughter Share A Hospital Room Fighting COVID-19, Daughter Shares A Heartwarming Story

A sad story of a mother and daughter from Detroit, Michigan laid in the hospital fighting the horrible virus, Covid-19 together till the end starting late March.

The Daughter, Glenda, stayed with her mother in the same room with nothing to lose as she had no siblings, her father, or a husband. Her mother, Linda Hopkins, exclaimed “I don’t want to die,” Linda, 83, replied, tubes feeding oxygen into her nostrils, her daughter later recalled. “It just hurts so bad.”

Reported by MSN News:

Glenda, 58, a retired social worker, had been Linda’s caregiver since 2014. That was the year Glenda’s father, Clyde, died; her parents had been married for 57 years. Glenda quit her job, left her condo in the suburbs and moved back into the four-bedroom house in Detroit’s Bagley neighborhood where she was raised.

Linda, who had been head of acquisition and receiving at the University of Detroit Mercy, and Clyde, a former director of engineering for the city of Detroit, had traveled the world together. When he died, Glenda took his place on trips to Hawaii, Hilton Head, South Carolina, Washington, D.C., Chicago. In late February, as the coronavirus was just starting to spread through the United States, they canceled a visit to Las Vegas and instead spent the night at the MotorCity Casino in Detroit, where they gambled and ordered room service.

Both of them had busy worlds beyond their singular relationship; Linda belonged to the Red Hat Society and several card-playing groups and was active in her church and local library, and Glenda worked as an event planner. They cut back on their social activity in early March, but Glenda got sick later that month, and Linda followed about a week after, Glenda said. They first thought they had the flu, but grew concerned as their symptoms worsened. After Linda’s fever spiked on March 28, they decided to go to the hospital.

Sadly, Linda, Glenda's mother passed away from the virus in April. She said her mother did not die alone like so many other patients. She was able to stay in the hospital with her mother because she was not 100% well and also to be there for her elderly mom.

She did everything she could to help her mom stay at ease and be comfortable but the virus was too strong and took her mom's life.

Glenda recalls her mother as being majestic, loyal, protective.

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