More Leaked Audio: Tucker Blasts Shill McCarthy and Other RINOs Caught on Tape

The number of RINOs in Washington is far greater than we are aware of, as you may have guessed.

Even though it's tough to accept, Kevin McCarthy has demonstrated that he is one of them, and he is not the only one to have been exposed recently. In addition, we now know that Rep. Steve Scalise is on that long list of RINOs, thanks to some recently disclosed audio recordings.

Just take a look at this conversation:

Kevin McCarthy: “The other thing I want to bring up, and I’m making some phone calls to some members. I just got something sent now about NewsMax – something Matt Gaetz said where he’s calling people’s names out, saying “anti-trump” in this type of atmosphere and some other places. This is serious stuff people are doing that has to stop. Ok, what did Gaetz say?”

Aide: “Hi, yeah, Gaetz said… Gaetz brought up Liz [Cheney] specifically. I just saw that on Twitter.”

McCarthy: “And Adams. Someone just sent it.” Gonzalez just sent it to me so I’m calling Gaetz. I’m explaining to him [that he has to stop]. I don’t know that he has much to say, but I’m going to have some other people call him too. But the nature of what – if I’m getting a briefing, I’m going to get another one from the FBI tomorrow. This is serious sh*t, to cut this out.”

Steve Scalise: “Yeah that’s, I mean it’s potentially illegal what he’s [Gaetz] doing.”

McCarthy: “Well, he’s putting people in jeopardy and he doesn’t need to be doing this. We saw what people would do at the Capitol.”


Conference call participant: “He tweeted at Marjorie Green and @naral. I understand it was a black police officer that shot the white female veteran. You know that doesn’t fit the narrative. This is what we have to confront with this.”

McCarthy: “Can’t they take their Twitter accounts away too?”

Matt Gaetz obviously knows about this now, as well as Tucker Carlson and they are both rightfully upset about this, especially Matt Gaetz. He even tweeted about it saying, "While I was protecting President Trump from impeachment, Kevin McCarthy and Steve Scalise were protecting Liz Cheney from criticism."

I have a suspicion here. There seems to be a handful of things coming out against certain Republicans and things that are presenting themselves as bickering and fighting against one another. I think that this is a planned attack from the left to cause division among out party ahead of the elections coming up.

Think about it. They really have no other plan right now. There aren't any big events like the pandemic or riots to exploit right now, so what can they do? They have purposely leaked this audio to split the Republican party. First it was Madison Cawthorne, then it was Kevin McCarthy, now it's Steve Scalise and Matt Gaetz...who's next?

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