More Classified Documents Found! But Not at Biden or Trump's Property

Last week, a startling discovery was made at the home of former Vice President Mike Pence in Carmel, Indiana, classified documents were found. It is unknown what kind of confidential information these documents contain, however Pence’s legal team immediately contacted the National Archives to alert them of this revelation. After being informed, the Department of Justice (DOJ) and FBI jointly launched an investigation into how the classified material ended up in Pence’s home and began collecting evidence from his Washington D.C. residence as well.

Upon further examination, it was revealed that a lawyer for Pence had allowed agents from the FBI’s field office in Indianapolis to pick up the questionable materials from his home earlier that evening. On Monday, Pence’s legal representation drove boxes of these materials back to Washington D.C., where they were handed over to the National Archives for closer inspection regarding compliance with Presidential Records Act regulations.

As details regarding these classified documents were brought forward, so too were reports about another instance involving confidential information found in Joe Biden’s Wilmington home on Friday of last week, leading some to draw comparisons between both cases.

Although 25 documents had already been uncovered by Biden’s personal attorneys before alerting the DOJ, it wasn't until January 9th when news about this scandal was spread to wider audiences through various media outlets after only a few White House and DOJ officials had knowledge about its contents.

Attorney General Merrick Garland denied claims of administering double standards throughout their investigation process despite reportedly agreeing with Biden's private lawyers that the issue should remain undisclosed from public scrutiny, leaving many suspicious as to why those involved initially sought out classified material belonging to Biden in the first place without providing a credible explanation or cause behind their actions thus far.

In light of these events and in order to ensure justice is served accordingly moving forward, it will be important for investigators on both sides to remain diligent and transparent throughout their inquiry into potential unlawful activity committed by individuals within their respective administrations.

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