Moms Awarded $100K After Exposing Woke School

It's good to see that a little bit of justice has been served in the case of the Georgia moms who were barred from exposing the sexually explicit material in their children's school library. The school district has been ordered to pay $100,000 in legal fees as a result of their censorship efforts.

The self-dubbed Mama Bears filed a federal lawsuit alleging that by not being allowed to read explicit material aloud at school board meetings, they were being denied their First Amendment rights. The school district argued that the books in question were not age-appropriate and should not be read aloud in front of children.

However, this argument falls flat when one considers that these books were already available in the school library for children to check out and read on their own. If they are deemed inappropriate for parents to read aloud, why are they appropriate for children to read on their own?

This case also highlights the growing trend of book banning and censorship in schools across America. Moms for Liberty, which claims to have over 100,000 members across 38 states, says removing titles from school libraries and classrooms has reached an all-time high. This is a concerning trend as it limits students' access to diverse perspectives and ideas.

Some books should never be permitted in the first place. But woke liberals shouldn't be allowed to ban other perfectly reasonable and age appropriate books.

It's important for parents to be involved in their children's education and have a say in what materials are available in schools. However, censorship is not the answer. Instead, parents should work with educators and administrators to ensure that age-appropriate materials are available and that controversial topics are presented in an appropriate manner.

As conservatives, we believe in limited government intervention and individual freedoms. Censorship goes against these principles and sets a dangerous precedent for future generations.

Personally, I believe that homeschooling your children is the best way to go.

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