Mom Warns That This Movie Could 'Unleash Hell on Your Kids'

What is you opinion on magic and spells? Is it real? Is it all pretend or fake? Is there any real supernatural power in the words that we say? Well, some people seem to think so.

Mone mother in Texas has been getting some attention after she has stated that parents need to take caution when watching the new Hocus Pocus 2 movie because there is some bad mojo involved in it.

She seems to think that there is real power in this and that even if the kids think that it's all pretend or fun and games, it's not.

Here is what she said:

With the release of Hocus Pocus 2 coming up I would be wrong not to sound the alarm and warn you to protect your children. After all the whole movie is based on harvesting the purity of children’s souls so that witches may live on.

I’ll try to be brief, Please hear me when I tell you the truth that the Witches and Warlocks in the satanic church abuse and sacrifice children in their ‘spiritual rituals’ to gain more power in the underworld.

So before you hit play on the night of the premier of this movie please ask yourself if not only your mind but your children’s minds are strong enough to ward off the hypnotization and bewitching trance that will be coming through the screen to aid in the desensitization of the coming evil in this world. Don’t fall victim to the schemes of hell.”

She also went on to say in an interview,

A worst case scenario is: you unleash hell on your kids and in your home. The whole movie is based on witches harvesting children for blood sacrifices.

Do not watch this film. Everybody thinks it’s fake and innocent, but they could be casting any type of spell that they want to, anything could be coming through that TV screen into your home.

So, she believe that there is real magic or real demonic forces attached to things in our tv. What do you think?

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