Mistrial Declared in "We Build the Wall" Trial After Hung Jury

On Tuesday, a judge in Manhattan declared a mistrial in the case of a Steve Bannon associate who was charged with stealing money from a nonprofit called "We Build the Wall." The jury was deadlocked, and the members of the jury stated that they were unable to overcome their ideological differences.

Following more than 30 hours of deliberation, the jury could not reach a verdict over whether or not Colorado businessman Timothy Shea was guilty of diverting contributions to the fund from former supporters of President Trump. The mission of the charity was to raise money through individual donations in order to build a section of the border wall between the United States and Mexico.

On Thursday, the jury wrote to the judge, Analisa Torres, to report that a holdout, Roberto, had alleged a "government witch hunt" and other conspiracies during deliberations and was delaying them from reaching a conclusion. Roberto was the only juror who had not reached a decision. According to the notes taken by the jury, he had accused the other 11 members of being liberals from New York who were biased.

In spite of the disagreements, Torres instructed the panel to continue deliberating. However, on Tuesday, the jury announced that they were at a stalemate.

“Judge Torres, in the last few days, we have narrowed our focus to an agreed-upon scope consisting of a few points of contention. We’ve gone to extreme depth in granular detail, building a bottom up analysis regarding these points. In doing so, it is abundantly clear that we are even further entrenched in our opposing views,” the jury reported.

“We cannot reach a verdict on any of the three counts,” a second note read.

On top of that, the judge actually doxed one of the jurors who was one of the jurors, I'm sure it was the one who was holding out. It's actually being reported that the judge leaked the name and juror number to the press.

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