Mississippi Governor Takes MASSIVE Action Against Mail-In Voting Process

Many years ago, Election Day in the United States was just that...Election "DAY". It was to take place on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November. That's what's in the Constitution.

This was the day that we come together as a people, as a nation, and choose our next leader. Now, Election Day is often times, Election Week or Election Month.

In a democracy, the integrity of the way in which we choose by public vote those elected officials who will govern our nation is critical.

However, confidence in this process is eroding rapidly. The problem is a radical push to turn our in-person voting model into a mail-in free-for-all.

There have been positive changes in U.S. voting regulations, practical concessions which permit a person to vote by absentee ballot. However, this process has been governed by rigid guidelines to authenticate the ballot.

Absentee balloting, with strict requirements to ensure ballot integrity, helps allow thousands the opportunity to exercise their constitutional right. However, the radical progressive agenda for nationwide mail-in ballots is not absentee voting.

Not understanding the facts of what absentee voting is, and how it works, is a huge part of the problem. Many simply do not appreciate that absentee voting by mail is not mail-in voting. Absentee ballots require a documented request by a registered voter.

The Daily Wire reported,

Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves said that mail-in voting should be barred in every state because of the possibility it presents for fraud.

Reeves, a Republican, appeared on CNN on Sunday and was pressed by “State of the Union” host Jake Tapper on election fraud. Tapper pushed Reeves to confirm if President Joe Biden is the “lawfully elected president of the United States.”

“President Biden is the president of the United States,” Reeves answered. “In our state, we do not allow mail-in voting, and the reason we don’t allow mail-in voting is because we think that it allows for lots of opportunities for fraud and other things. And I don’t think mail-in voting should be allowed in other states around the nation, but President Biden is the duly elected president and we are going to do everything we can to work with him to help the citizens of Mississippi.”

Mail-in voting is a radical plan to mass mail election ballots to virtually every address. There is little to no accounting for residence changes, residence authentication, or the legal right of the person to vote. Even worse, who actually opens, fills out and then mails the ballot back?

To insist that somehow mail-in voting does not open the floodgates for fraud is simply ignoring the obvious. Some insist that there wasn't significant voter fraud in our most recent election. Who is setting the parameters for what constitutes significant?

Boasting that expanded mail-in voting won't entice fraudulent attacks on our democracy is naive, if not dangerous. At what point will the perception of voter fraud in the United States cross the line from not widespread to rampant, if it hasn't already?

No one from the radical left seems to offer a competent answer to this question. One thing that is certain, the confidence in our beloved democratic process will erode long before the proof of rampant fraud is discovered. Nationwide mail-in voting is not only a bad idea, it will ultimately spell an end to one of the most beloved parts of our democratic process as we know it, Election Day in the USA.

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