Minnesota Prepares for Battle As George Floyd Trial Set to Begin

In preparation for the trial of one of the officers involved in the death of George Floyd last summer in Minnesota, Governor Tim Walz is taking extra precautionary measures to try and make sure that havoc doesn't destroy the city as it did last year.

Governor Walz has called in the National Guard to try to maintain order following the result of the trial. He even issued an Executive Order stating:

“The upcoming trials of the former officers involved in the death of George Floyd have raised the potential of civil unrest in the Cities of Minneapolis, Saint Paul, and nearby communities. The Mayors of Minneapolis and Saint Paul have requested assistance from the State, including the Minnesota National Guard, to support public safety and security and to prevent or respond to potential civil unrest. In addition to other state resources, the National Guard can supplement local law enforcement efforts to keep the peace, ensure public safety, and allow for peaceful demonstrations.”

Trials are expected to start in March, starting with former officer Derek Chauvin, the most public of the figures involved in the case. However, based on the existing record of manifestations and public unrest that the case has already caused the state of Minnesota has launched a multiple-front strategy to prevent any more chaos in the upcoming months.

In addition to Governor Tim Walz, the mayors of Minneapolis and Saint Paul are also backing the call for the National Guard. John Harrington Commissioner of Public Safety commented on the historical events, declaring that this is the first time in his 40 year career as a politician that a multi-jurisdictional effort of this scale has been established to maintain peace.

They sure as heck didn't try to do anything about the riots last year, but instead let Antifa and Black Lives Matter burn down the city.

As the trials advance regardless of the results we know one thing for certain, Minnesota will spare no expense to ensure that no unruly behavior affects the process or the safety of its residents...or so they claim.

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