Mike Lindell Reveals REAL Election Results During Cyber Symposium

Last week was the Cyber Symposium that was hosted by My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell.

Since November, Lindell has been relentless in his pursuit for the truth and exposing the fraud that took place last year.

As far as I know, nobody was awarded the $5 million prize for disproving the information that Lindell has accumulated on the election. But he has been showing more numbers behind what actually happened in each state.

Mike Lindell has claimed that President Trump won the election with 80 million votes and Biden had only 68 million votes.

During the Cyber Symposium, Lindell showed the numbers - the real numbers - from each state from the election. The video is down at the bottom of this article that shows every state's REAL results.

Newsweek biasedly reported,

Lindell claimed that on Election Night, people rigged voting machines against Trump. However, the riggers underestimated the number of votes Trump would win, Lindell claimed.

"They estimated Donald Trump at about 68 million [votes], okay? Well, all of you and this whole country voted. He actually got 80 million, everybody. But he was going to win," Lindell claimed. "He was going to win in spite of the machines and all the other, I call it, the 'organic fraud.'"

Trump got 74,216,154 votes in the 2020 election.

"When they stopped everything," Lindell said, "they did that because Donald Trump would have won all six of these [battleground] states, so they had to stop it in his tracks. They misjudged him, okay?"

Let me address something very important here. Lindell said exactly what I've been saying since November, they underestimated him and that's why thing look horrifyingly bad.

I think this same thing happened back in 2016 actually and that Hillary knew they had the system rigged for them to win, but they underestimated him that year as well. That's why they were so dead set on fraud because they knew that they were the ones rigging the system.

This time, their underestimation backfired and that's why there is a literal vertical jump in the election numbers. They shut everything down and had to move to Plan D as ridiculous as it was. They were going to win the election at any cost.

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