Migrant Crisis at Southern Border Prompts Biden Regime to Consider Drastic Measure

The Biden regime is reportedly considering a new rule that would bar asylum seekers from illegally entering the U.S. for five months. The rule is being weighed as the Biden regime braces for the court-mandated termination of pandemic-related border restrictions that have been in place since 2020 and a possible surge in migrant border crossings to 14,000 a day when Title 42 is lifted next week.

The proposed policy would disqualify most non-Mexican migrants from U.S. asylum if they failed to previously seek protection in other countries. This partial asylum ban has not yet received final approval within the regime, but it is one of several policies being considered by the White House and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

The end of Title 42 has raised concerns about even greater numbers of migrants reaching the U.S.-Mexico border and straining the government's capacity to process them. In fiscal year 2022, US Customs and Border Protection stopped migrants over 2.3 million times, with over 1 million of those encounters resulting in Title 42 expulsions.

The consideration of the asylum limits has alarmed advocates for asylum-seekers, who have called on the Biden regime to reject deterrence-focused policies and instead allow migrants to request humanitarian protection, even if they entered the country illegally. The U.S. asylum system was designed to protect migrants fleeing persecution because of their race, nationality, political views, religion or membership in a social group.

However, a mounting backlog of cases has crippled the government's ability to decide asylum cases in a timely fashion, creating an incentive for other migrants to use the system to work in the U.S. The Biden regime has said it has been making preparations for the end of Title 42, including a surge in resources and personnel to the southern border, increased collaboration with migrant services groups, a crackdown on human smugglers, and efforts with Latin American countries to deter U.S.-bound mass migration.

In a call with Latin American press last week, Blas Nuñez Neto, the acting assistant DHS secretary for border and immigration policy, said the U.S. would seek to prosecute migrants who try to evade Border Patrol and to deport those who enter the country illegally under expedited removal, which includes a 5-year banishment from the U.S.

The Biden regime has also implemented a policy designed to weed out weak asylum claims, but it has only been implemented on a very limited scale since launching in June. While the Biden regime is weighing a new rule that would ban asylum seekers from entering the US illegally for five months, it remains to be seen how it will ultimately manage the influx of migrants once Title 42 is lifted.

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