Michigan Supreme Court Annihilates Corrupt State Attorney General

President Trump proved he knew what he was doing by appointing so many judges to the federal courts. He realized that local level activity is where the crucial action happens.

The nation is greatly impacted by Washington, D.C., and what occurs there, but local governments also have the authority to take action in matters where the federal government is not allowed and interpose to prevent tyranny.

The Michigan Supreme Court recently exonerated Rick Snyder, the former governor of Michigan, and the other officials in a case that had been seriously tarnished by the state's dishonest Democrats.

By dismissing the lead investigator and appointing her own dishonest investigators who didn't care about upholding the law, the corrupt Attorney General Dana Nessel completely messed up the whole thing. We can be thankful for that.

In the court declaration, they wrote:

“These prosecutions of Governor Snyder and the other defendants were never about seeking justice for the citizens of Flint. Rather, Attorney General Nessel and her political appointee Solicitor General Fadwa Hammoud staged a self-interested, vindictive, wasteful and politically motivated prosecution.”

The Blaze reported,

The indictments themselves were a reversal of sorts. When Nessel assumed office in 2019, she immediately dismissed Todd Flood, the special prosecutor assigned by Nessel’s predecessor, Bill Schuette, to investigate the crisis, and instead appointed Fadwa Hammoud to the task. Hammoud then paired with Wayne County prosecutor Kym Worthy, and the two appointed Judge David Newblatt of Genesee County, where Flint is located, to be a one-judge grand jury with the power to investigate evidence in secret and issue indictments according to his findings.

The secretive nature of the proceedings and the exploitation of a loophole in Michigan law that permits a one-judge grand jury under rare circumstances led the Michigan Supreme Court to call the process a “Star Chamber comeback,” a reference to the sixteenth-century English law enforcement body that often waged attacks against the English sovereign’s political adversaries.

Unfortunately, this has become a trademark of liberalism. They are the most vindictive group of people in the country. We've seen this with the January 6 Committee, we've seen this with two impeachment processes against one Republican president, we've seen this with the Cancel Culture, and everywhere else. They are nasty and vindictive and throw a fit if they don't get their way.

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