Michelle Obama Admits She Couldn't STAND Her Husband...Join the Club!

If you thought that Barack Obama was hard to put up, well...her own wife thought the same thing! In an interview, Michelle Obama revealed that during the early years of their marriage, she and Barack Obama had difficulty in their relationship, so much so that she couldn't even stand him!

She said that this was due to how overwhelming parenting can be, as little kids are often needy and irrational. The former first lady acknowledged that it would have been easier to give up at times, but they persisted because they respected each other and wanted to keep their marriage going. While I don't care for the Obama's at all, I can't knock a couple for enduring hardships in marriage.

Michelle also shared her experiences of being the first black woman in the role of First Lady and the struggles she faced when it came to deciding how to present herself on the world stage with regard to her hair.

She says that if she had worn braids during her time as First Lady, it would have been too much for some people and so instead opted for wearing her hair straight so as not to cause a stir. She says that, but she obviously didn't care much when she went out dressed like a homeless woman.

Michelle said, “People think I’m being catty for saying this: it’s like, there were 10 years where I couldn’t stand my husband.”

“And guess when it happened? When those kids were little,” she said, explaining that little kids “have demands. They don’t talk. They’re poor communicators. They cry all the time. They’re irrational. They’re needy. And you love them more than anything. And so you can’t blame them. So you turn that ire on each other.”

“For 10 years while we’re trying to build our careers and worrying about school and who’s doing what and what, I was like, ‘Argh, this isn’t even!’” Obama said. “And guess what? Marriage isn’t 50/50, ever. Ever. There are times I’m 70, he’s 30. There are times he’s 60, 40. But guess what? Ten years. We’ve been married 30. I would take 10 bad years over 30 — it’s just how you look at it. People give up — ‘Five years; I can’t take it.’”

Well, as bad as it was for her, it was just as bad, or even worse putting up with him for 8 years, and then some with him pulling the strings for Joe.

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