Mexico Takes Down Two Soros Employees For Human Trafficking

Mexico is no longer playing games. They have arrested two caravan enablers on human trafficking charges. Both have accepted money to help these illegal aliens invade the United States.

That makes them criminals and human traffickers. Cristobal Sanchez and Irineo Mujica were arrested within an hour of each other last week in different parts of Mexico and flown together to the southern town of Tapachula in Chiapas state for the court hearing on charges they illegally transported immigrants for money.

Let's see if Soros' money can sway Mexican judges like they do in the United States.

From The Conservative Tribune

That could mark a sea change in Mexico’s handling of the migrants coming through their country and into the United States. No matter how you slice it, it’s a huge win for Trump.

“The two men were arrested on Wednesday as the United States and Mexico negotiated a deal,” Reuters explained.

“Mexico agreed to clamp down on people smuggling networks and deploy security forces to curb illegal immigration from Central America.”

One of the main groups encouraging and facilitating the movement of immigrants through Mexico — many of them without legal paperwork — has been Pueblo Sin Fronteras, or “People Without Borders.”

If the organization’s reaction to the Latin American nation’s renewed interest in border enforcement is any sign, Trump’s negotiations have definitely stuck a chord.

“The Mexican government has captured them to present them like trophies to the United States government,” Pueblo Sin Fronteras said in a statement.

But that very group’s actions likely pushed both the U.S. and Mexican governments to crack down on the thousands of immigrants ignoring border rules and moving through their countries.

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