Merriam-Webster Has Caved to the Radical Transgender Woke Agenda!

Every aspect of our lives has been contaminated by the awakened culture, even the definitions of words. This radical left's unquenchable need to change everything to suit their "woke agenda" was once simply a minor inconvenience. It has now veered into the bizarre.

The "woke, all-inclusive push" has been heavily focused on gender. "Transgender domination" has replaced transgender rights. No longer is it acceptable for regular people to ask why someone would change their gender.

Being normal is great; just keep it to yourself. That may change in the near future though as we've already seen people demonized just for being white or just for being male.  The transgender agenda has now been accepted by the longtime torchbearer of our English language. Merriam-Webster has changed the definition of "female" in order to appease these radical, woke extremists.

The entity entrusted with helping Americans define their language has seen fit to add a secondary definition for the word. This secondary definition for female now says, “having a gender identity that is the opposite of male.” The change ignores biological science.

Gender no longer has any relationship with a person’s biological sex. Doesn’t this sound rather bizarre? Most logical people understand that a female is a woman. Transgender males are not females, no matter how adamantly they might insist that they are.

Nonetheless, according to these radical transgender activists, a man can be a woman just because “he says she is.” If you’re scratching your head at the total lack of logic in this way of thinking, you’re not alone. But Merriam-Webster didn’t stop with the bizarre “second definition.”

They reworded the original definition to pacify these same woke activists. The new edited definition says, “Of, relating to, or being the sex that typically has the capacity to bear young or produce eggs.” The key phrase in this change is “typically has the capacity.”

No, sorry Mr. and Mrs. Merriam-Webster, but a female “does” have the capacity to bear young. This four-word alteration in the definition of female is yet another change made to pacify the new crop of men who want to claim that they are women.

Thankfully, the wokies haven’t got their grimy paws on Merriam-Webster’s “kid’s definition” of the word “female.” If a man wants to claim he is a woman, that’s all well and good. But please stop telling the rest of us to blindly fall in line with your bizarre beliefs.

This is the woke culture’s attempt to control speech. Language is how authoritarian societies manipulate and control the people. People are forbidden from saying certain things, even if they express the obvious. Sorry folks, but if it has a penis, it’s a man, no matter what “she says.”

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