Member of Royal Family Divulges on Joe Biden's Embarrassing Moment at Summit

I think that social media is one of the worst creations in recent history. I think it has made people a lot more rude, ignorant, stupid, and evil.

But sometimes the social media gives us a little gift. This time that gift is the gift of a farting president.

The Joe Biden presidency has been a colossal embarrassment since Inauguration Day last January. Sometimes his abysmal performance as America’s Commander-In-Chief has been amusing. Even the mitten-wearing self-proclaimed socialist Bernie Sanders got into the act.

Other times, total ineptitude has put American lives at risk. He has piloted the steepest rise in inflation in decades. Our southern border is in chaos. Biden’s strategic withdrawal from Afghanistan proved to be anything but strategic.

He is steadily cementing himself to be viewed as the worst president in United States history. There are some who feel he has already earned that honor, with a zero chance of recovering. His pitiful policy decisions have all failed.

Furthermore, Biden has also been a constant source of embarrassment to the nation, especially on an international scale. He has showed up late to virtually every engagement. His meeting a few weeks back with Pope Francis in Rome caused quite a stir.

There was a rumor floating around the Italian countryside that Joe had a messy accident. Seems his bowel malfunctions got the best of Joe again recently in England. Many insist that Joe Biden momentarily loses touch with reality.

It is not a funny thing when this happens to anyone as they age. However, when it happens to the leader of the free world, in plain view of the rest of the world, it produces serious questions. How can the greatest nation on the planet elect such a bungling buffoon to its highest office?

Biden’s awkward social blunders reached a new level recently. During a meeting to discuss climate change with the Duchess of Cornwall, it seems that Joe was launching some digestive emissions while a group, including Prime Minister Boris Johnson, discussed global emissions.

A source for the Duchess said that the British royal hasn’t been able to stop talking about. It seems Joe had a flatulence problem, and his blasts packed some pretty intense volume. People in the room could not ignore Biden’s eruptions.

The question really shouldn’t be about what Joe Biden had eaten to produce his gaseous condition, but how could he not know it was happening? Couldn’t the president squeeze his butt cheeks a bit tighter, at least until he could vacate the room to a more open-air environment?

The bowel accident in Rome and unflattering flatulence at the Kelvingrove Art Gallery would normally earn at least a chuckle. However, these are telltale signs of something more serious, and we’re not talking about internal health issues.

We’re talking about Joe Biden’s cognitive presence. If he did so, did Biden know he was about to soil his trousers in Rome? Was his digestive malfunctions at the mini climate summit excusable belly bursts, or did he even know he was farting out loud?

Most have started to understand that every time Joe Biden ventures into public, there’s high-probability that he will embarrass himself. Nevertheless, when do the underlying reasons behind these embarrassments become disturbing?

This man, who farts in a room full of English dignitaries, is representing our nation. One can agree with his failed policies, but his penchant for appearing confused is a serious issue. Our adversaries, such as China, Russia and Iran, see Joe Biden as a colossal clown.

These nations have extremely smart intelligence people watching Biden’s every move. While a blast from Biden’s butt may seem funny at some level, those nations who would harm the United States see them as much more.

Biden is not just an old man who farts in public. He’s an old man whose mental capacity to make serious national security decisions is failing. Farts are funny, but the inability to lead the greatest nation on the planet is not. Joe Biden, the president, is not funny, and neither are his farts.

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