McDonald's Employees Disgusted By Managment And Announced A Protest Amid Pandemic

Mcdonald's employees across 20 different cities are planning a strike on Wednesday to instill pressure on the company to provide protective equipment and guidance. They stated the company has not provided the correct gear to protect them from the coronavirus pandemic.

This protest will be held the day before the companies annual meeting.

According to Fox Business:

The Service Employees International Union supports the employee action and is organized by the "Fight for $15" minimum-wage labor campaign.

The company disputes the allegations by the workers, saying they are not representative of the 850,000 McDonald’s employees nationwide.

"It's unsurprising and unfortunate that the SEIU is yet again attempting to stir up media attention while being short on the facts," a McDonald's spokesperson told FOX Business. "The report they cite represents less than one thousandth of a percent of McDonald’s U.S. workers and the results are over 40 days old."

"While the SEIU is spending time sharing misinformation, McDonald's and our 2,000 franchisees are focused on keeping more than 800,000 crew and managers employed in safe environments to serve healthcare workers, first responders and communities during this pandemic," the spokesperson said.

PPE is in "ample supply" at all restaurants, according to the company.

In an ad in the New York Times, McDonald's says "It is planning to open dining room at restaurants where permitted" and says its 14,000 locally owned restaurants are "putting safety first."

Mcdonald's workers have come down with the virus in 17 states according to the labor organizations.

In a survey, it was seen that up to about 42% of workers were told not to wear masks or gloves during the pandemic in early April by management.

I find it absolutely absurd honestly.

I rarely go out to fast-food restaurants but in every one of them in the last month or two wear gloves and masks. Although one restruant handled money and the food with the same gloves while the other had homemade masks made from a t-shirt. I never went back to those two places and tend to stick with ChickFilA because of there utmost respect for handing food.

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