McCarthy Puts Biden on Blast in Major Speech (VIDEO)

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy took aim at Joe Biden and congressional Democrats on Monday night over the issue of raising the debt limit, delivering a passionate speech in a hallway near the speaker’s balcony, usually reserved for major announcements.

McCarthy detailed his worries as a father, former small business owner, and taxpayer. He noted how much had changed in recent years, with an unprecedented number of illegal immigrants crossing the United States' southern border over two years, more than the population of 25 states, leaving many Americans struggling to make ends meet and living paycheck-to-paycheck. He also spoke to how China is infiltrating American culture, farmland, and skies because they view the US as weak.

The Speaker shifted his focus to the pressing issue of the national debt. He declared that it was "too high" and too much of a burden, higher than at any time since World War II, noting that if no action is taken from here on out, by 2031 America will have spent more than 8 trillion dollars just on interest obligations alone... more than its entire federal budget for this year. With prices rising exponentially recently due to inflation caused by excessive spending from Democrats under Biden's administration, McCarthy warned against continuing down this path without enacting any positive changes for taxpayers.

Democrats passed what was then the largest ever debt limit increase in American history in 2021 before following it up with another just 13 months later, something which McCarthy emphasized should not be allowed to become routine behavior anymore. The Speaker urged Biden to work together with Congress to create an effective solution that will help alleviate these issues rather than playing “games” over it or creating a future where taxes are higher, and the economy doesn't work for ordinary Americans.

McCarthy suggested potential plans such as cutting wasteful government spending and implementing smarter budgeting strategies like freezing nonessential discretionary spending until 2031 and cutting back federal funding going towards overseas investments while investing domestically instead in order to bolster US businesses and help keep jobs within America's borders. Such proposals could potentially help reduce interest payments as well as prevent burdening working people further with higher taxes or rising living costs caused by inflation due to excessive debt accumulation.

Something has to be done to end these atrocities from the Democrats. Americans need to wake up.

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