McCarthy Calls Out 47% of Federal Workforce: Time to 'Get Their Butts Back to the Office

Ever since the pandemic started, people have started working from home more. I personally think that it's a great thing that more people now have the option to work from home. I do think that if they can perform their work at the same level from home as in the office, then there is not reason why they shouldn't continue working from home.

However, I do think that there are some jobs that should require you to be at the office and one of those exceptions is for people who work for the federal government and especially those who have to deal with people and make economic decisions every day. There are some exceptions. I have a friend who is technically a government employee, but he can easily do his job at the very same level as when in the office, except without all the drama from co-workers. As it turns out, Kevin McCarty agrees and says that it's high time for federal workers to get their butts back to the office.

On Monday's broadcast of the Fox Business Network's "Bottom Line," Speaker of the House Rep. Kevin McCarthy addressed the issue of remote working for federal government employees, a situation that has persisted months into the pandemic. According to McCarthy, it is ridiculous that 47% of the federal workforce is still working remotely and he intends to introduce legislation requiring them to return to their workplace and fulfill the duties that taxpayers are paying them for.

He went on to explain that when he became Speaker, one of his first actions was to require members of Congress to return to work, something that had never been done before but which he feels shows a strong work ethic. This week, he plans to bring a bill before the House floor which will not only end this current period of remote working but also ensure that federal employees come back in order fulfill their obligations and serve the American public.

McCarthy said, “[F]ederal workers got the same raise as those in the military, over 4% before. And the real challenge here though is, we’re putting a bill on the floor to end this pandemic. Do you realize that 47% of the federal employees are still not in for work? When we took the majority and I became Speaker, one of my first actions was to make members of Congress…come back to work. For the first time in history, members of Congress didn’t have to show up, and they kept getting paid. I think people have to show the work ethic. I think people should show up to work. And we’re going to pass that bill this week that brings those federal employees back to work to provide the service that the taxpayers are paying them for.”

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