Matt Gaetz Has Perfect Response to Reporter Asking About His ‘Offensive’ Comments Suggesting Women at Abortion Rallies Are Fat and Ugly (VIDEO)

Rep. Matt Gaetz recently unleashed the Gaetz of Hell (nice pun, right?) on the radical left during the TPUSA event.

Gaetz said:

"Have you watched these pro-abortion, pro-murder rallies? The people are just disgusting. Why is it that the women with the least likelihood of getting pregnant are the ones most worried about having abortions? Nobody wants to impregnate you if you look like a thumb. “These people are odious! They’re like 5’2″, 350 pounds and they’re like ‘give me my abortions or I'll get up and march and protest.' And I'm thinking march? You look like you've got ankles weaker than the legal reasoning behind Roe versus Wade. A few of them need to get up and march. They need to get up and march for an hour a day. Swing those arms. Get that blood pumping. Maybe mix in a salad.”

Now, I'm not a fan of insulting people as a general principle, but there are certainly times where it is warranted.

I will say that Matt Gaetz is 100% right though.

I've often told friends of mine that you can normally spot a liberal just from their appearance.

He was immediately attacked by the left for saying triggering things. But Gaetz wasn't about to apologize for his comments. Instead, he doubled down on them when a reporter asking him about what he said.

The reporter asked Gaetz, “Is it safe to say that, based off your comments, you’re suggesting that these women at these abortion rallies are ugly and overweight?”

Gaetz said, "Yes."

“What do you say to people who think those comments are offensive?” the reporter asked in a follow-up question.

“Be offended,” Gaetz said with a straight face.

Now, I have got to admit that I LOVE his response to the second question. "Be offended." This gets at the core of what our nation is supposed to be and that is that we have the freedom of speech and that they have the freedom to be offended. They don't have any sort of right that would prevent them from being offended. In fact, with some people that's just impossible because they get offended over everything.

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