MASSIVE Voter Problem Discovered in Virginia with Enormous Difference in Numbers

Two or three months ago, all of this should have been happening, but for some reason, everything related to the November election is actually picking up.

On the other hand, I am glad that some of the proper authorities are finally looking at some of the things related to the election fraud. Perhaps, something will be done about it all this time around.

In my opinion, the biggest problem that we have with the election is the machinery, that is to say, the Dominion voting systems. I'll guarantee you that these machines could single-handedly be held responsible for flipping the election to Joe Biden instead of President Trump.

More and more states are doing things now that should have happened last year. Last week Michigan purged 177,000 voters from their roles AFTER Biden was decided as the winner by fewer votes than that and now someone in Virginia was able to identify a difference of 1.7 million votes between the final results and the external results that were reported on Election Night.

One of the things that we've seen is that numbers were changed on the night of the election. For goodness sake, they were actually changed right before our eyes on live TV and no one seems to bat an eye about it.

I asked a liberal friend of mine what he thought about that and here's what he said about it:

I think the simplest explanation is vote totals aren't final until they're certified. Election night totals aren't definitive, they're a work in progress. Discrepancies one way or another are all but guaranteed to show up on the day of, those numbers aren't designed to be final, they're just ball park figures to get a general idea of how the election is going. It takes weeks or months to get an accurate enough count to certify.

The voter found the source data for the analysis at the New York Times – Edison news feed released after the election. This data is what was used by TGP in its analysis right after the election as well. The Virginia voter noticed like we did that there were huge 300,000 ballot drops for Joe Biden in Virginia that were reversed after being posted twice and then entered a third time and left alone. The likelihood of this happening in the real world is nil but errors might have occurred accounting for adjustments that perhaps were addressed by the state.

The final results of the NYT-Edison data feed were very close to the final results reported by the state. Therefore the voter believed these results at the NYT-Edison data feed were correct.

Next, the voter attempted to reconcile the results from Virginia’s change file with the results from the NYT-Edison data feed. When he did this he found 1.7 million votes were missing in the change file. The change file was incomplete at best. The voter was convinced the change file should agree with the state’s final results.

So next the voter emailed the Department of Elections on December 5 and requested that the changelog be updated. The Department did not respond. He then contacted the Governor through the Virginia website and again received no response. He then worked with an assistant for his State Delegate. She reached out to the Department multiple times, but they have yet to provide a response.

It's too late to save President Trump from this catastrophe, but it's not too late to save our country by ensuring that elections are fair and secure.

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