MASSIVE Lawsuit Filed By 10,000 Doctors and 1,000 Lawyers for Crimes Against Humanity!

You may have seen some big class-action lawsuits, but I'll guarantee you that you've probably never seen anything to this magnitude.

Outside of a class-action lawsuit, this is probably the largest lawsuit that I've ever seen, and rightly so.

Sure, there are class action lawsuits that consist of millions of people, but it's not like they initiated the lawsuit or really even care about it. I've got a little card sitting next to me about a class-action lawsuit that I can participate in regarding some health coverage I used to have. But honestly, I don't care about it at all.

I've been involved in one class-action lawsuit and it was the Red Bull one where they were sued because Red Bull doesn't really give you wings. I filled out my thing and a couple of years later, I got my check...for $3. I had the choice of choosing money or three free cans of Red Bull and it was then that I realized that I would have been better off getting the free Red Bull.

Here's the question that's at hand in this new lawsuit: should the technocrats who pushed governments to lockdown their citizens be tried for crimes against humanity? According to German lawyer, who also practices law in America, Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, the answer is yes and he's doing something about it.

Dr. Fuellmich has put together a team of 1,000 lawers to fight against the elites who have put people through hell during this pandemic. They claim that the tests that were used to detect the (forbidden illness) were faulty and used to commit crimes against humanity. I'm not going to lie, I can't say that I disagree with this.

Fuellmich and his team present the incorrect PCR test and the order for doctors to describe any comorbidity death as a (forbidden illness) death – as fraud.

The PCR test was never designed to detect pathogens and is almost 100% inaccurate at 35 cycles. All PCR tests monitored by the CDC are set at 37 to 45 cycles. The CDC acknowledges that tests over 28 cycles are not allowed for a positive reliable result.

One thing that we saw last year was several occasions of positive tests that didn't make sense. Elon musk tested positive and and negative after doing multiple tests. Singer Lauren Hill tested positive in one nostril and negative in another.

He has formed the German Corona Investigative Committee to pursue civil charges against the main perpetrators, among them being the head of the United Nations World Health Organization Dr. Tedros Adhanom. He hopes a successful class-action lawsuit will also lead to criminal charges.

Fuellmich was on the legal team that won a major lawsuit against German automaker Volkswagen in a 2015 case involving tampered catalytic converters in the U.S. He also was involved in a lawsuit that exposed one of Germany’s largest banks, Deutsche Bank, as a criminal enterprise.

The bank was recently ordered by the U.S. Justice Department to pay $130 million to resolve corrupt practices that included money laundering, bribery and fraud between the years 2009 and 2016.

I'd really like to see how this plays out in the end, but I don't have enough confidence in any world government to do rightly by this lawsuit.

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