MASSIVE COLLUSION! Twitter, FBI, and Biden Campaign Conspired to Suppress Laptop from Hell

The 2022 elections saw a lot of attention focused on allegations that Democrats used fraudulent votes to cheat. Some have claimed that Democrats used drop boxes to submit illegal ballots and employed computer schemes to boost Joe Biden's vote count in key swing states.

It has also been suggested that the progressive left used other tactics to ensure that some legitimate voters still supported Biden, including manipulating the narrative through a secret collaboration with social media companies and federal law enforcement.

Some have alleged that the FBI worked with the Biden campaign to infiltrate social media platforms in order to control the information Americans could access and discuss. When a free speech advocate took control of one of these platforms, it is claimed that liberals were upset, potentially due to the impact on their ability to manipulate the narrative.

By buying Twitter, Elon Musk absorbed a treasure trove of secret, company-insider information, including documented conversations between Twitter and the FBI. These previously hidden discussions prove that there was collusion to censor users and suppress stories.

The FBI infiltrated Twitter by planting former FBI officials in top positions within the social media giant. The colluded effort to manipulate the 2020 presidential election wasn’t only focused on censoring conservative accounts and building blacklists of disfavored users.

The Biden presidential campaign and the FBI orchestrated a massive cover-up. This may be the biggest instance of election fraud in U.S. history. Basically, the liberal higher echelons at the FBI “strongly suggested” that Twitter bury a story about Biden’s son.

The New York Post released a bombshell story about incriminating evidence contained on Hunter Biden’s now notorious laptop computer. The story would have changed the election. It was buried so deeply that most Americans didn’t even have a clue the laptop existed.

For those who did hear about it, the FBI coordinated with former high-ranking intelligence officials to assert that it was Russian disinformation. It was not. The computer was real, and the damning information on it was real.

If voters had known, they either wouldn’t have voted for Biden or would have changed their vote to President Trump. Polls taken after the story was revealed to be true prove that the election results would have been the complete opposite. President Trump would have won.

Americans must take a serious look at what this massive scam has done to the nation. Without a puppet in the White House, the progressive left wouldn’t have been able to spend America into a devastating economic collapse. The southern border wouldn’t be wide open.

Consequently, thousands of young Americans wouldn’t be dying daily from drug overdoses. There’s a high probability, faced with the consequences from President Trump as Commander-in-Chief, Vladimir Putin would never have invaded Ukraine.

Gas prices wouldn’t have spiked to the highest point in history. America would still be energy independent. The list of calamities caused by Joe Biden cheating to win the 2020 presidential election wouldn’t even be close to what Americans are experiencing.

As Republicans prepare to take control of the House of Representatives, there may be hope. Republican-controlled committees are set to launch in-depth investigations. Through the “Twitter Files” exposed by Elon Musk, they have a massive amount of evidence.

Expect dozens of officials and former officials from the FBI and other U.S. intelligence agencies to be subpoenaed to testify. The frying pan is going to get hot. This was a historic scam. The American people deserve accountability. Someone needs to go to prison! Now, will it happen?

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