MASSIVE BOMBSHELL!!! Shredded Ballots Found In Dumpster Shortly Before Audit Begins

There are a lot of conspiracy theorists in the world. You may be one of them, and that's perfectly fine.

The term has become synonymous with anyone who disagrees with the mainstream explanation of a particular event. Oftentimes, the real conspiracy theorist is actually the person who believes the "official narrative".

Personally, I don't call myself a conspiracy theorist, but there are some things that I believe which go against the mainstream narrative.

For example, I think there if more to the story when it comes to 9/11 and I don't believe for a second the official story of what happened to JFK. There are a few other things, but I'll just keep those to myself for now.

Today, if you're someone who questions the results of the election, you're labeled as a conspiracy theorist. However, if you ask me, anyone who believes the garbage story that the left and the mainstream media is trying to feed everyone is a conspiracy theorist.

There has been far too much evidence come out in regards to the election to even rationally entertain the thought that this past election was fair and free of corruption. You've got to be blind, dumb, or self-deceived to believe Joe Biden won honestly. And the most recent bit of evidence coming out of Maricopa County, Arizona is some of the most proof-positive evidence that I've seen yet.

Piles and piles of shredded ballots were found over the weekend inside of a dumpster in Maricopa County. What makes it really suspicious is that they were found just before the audit of the election results is supposed to begin.

This is the same audit that has been delayed and the Democrats have been trying to block for months now. After all the drama that has been going on , the state Senate of Arizona is finally about to begin their audit, and now this happened. Take a look at the photos below:

I think that the big question I would want an answer to now is whether or not these ballots were used ballots. Did they have markings on them, or were they just surplus ballots that were left over? Even then, I honestly don't even know if they would be permitted to be destroyed even if they were never used. And if these are older ballots from previous years, then this could potentially explain it, but still this needs to be determined.


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