Masks May Not Be Your Thing But It Will Help Prevent Unwanted Spread Of Covid-19

Wearing a mask may not be your thing but it may be the safest way to travel when you need to leave the house.

So many people are now making masks since the ones you generally could buy at the store have been sold out. It's not really about you getting sick, it is more of a way to not give the virus to someone that could potentially die from Covid-19. The elderly, immune suppressed, etc.

You may be a carrier without any symptoms however you will spread it to people who have loved ones stuck at home trying to steer clear of contracting the virus.

According to The Guardian: 

You might walk into stores over the next few days and sicken dozens without knowing it. Some might die. Others will think they are dying before they recover.

That’s the worry I have after reading a paper by Roman Wölfel and colleagues, published this week in Nature. It shows that people are most infectious in the first week after catching Covid-19. During that time they often show no or few symptoms.

In other words, Covid-19 moves like a silent assassin, with unwitting accomplices. Maybe you’ll be one of them. The best way to ensure that you’re not: wear a mask, and keep your distance from others. Don’t wear an N95 respirator, the type in desperately short supply in hospitals, which is designed to keep doctors safe even when doing potentially dangerous medical procedures. But almost any kind of simple cloth covering over your mouth, such as a home-made mask, or even a bandanna, can stop the assassin in its tracks.

The Wölfel paper explains we must focus our efforts on stopping the spread of droplets. This is because the virus is primarily transmitted through tiny droplets of saliva ejected when we speak. You can’t see them, but they are there. We also know that these droplets can go significantly further than the 6ft which is widely cited as a safe distance.

Like we constantly have been told, stay home unless you absolutely need to go out. When you shop for groceries try to prepare for the next week. Also do not hoard because everyone else will need these things as well. I have not seen Lysol, Alcohol wipes, Sanitizer, and Toilet paper in the stores in weeks and it is because of people buying everything off the shelves for themselves.

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Gerald Ladd

What a joke. the studies tell you, if you’re healthy, they do more harm. idiots believe all the lies.


Masks are only good if it filters out the virous. 95% of mask people are wearing will not but it makes everyone happy.


Masks are not to protect yourself but everyone else. This article is right. Think about it. Why do surgical staff wear masks in surgery? Not to protect themselves but to protect the patient undergoing a procedure.