Marjorie Taylor Greene Schools Ilhan Omar On How To Solve The Middle East Problem And She Didn’t Mince Words

Rep. Ilhan Omar is about as worthless and about as hateful of a lawmaker as one could possibly be.

How on earth this woman got into a position of power and even re-elected is beyond my understanding.

I take that back, I know exactly how she got where she is. Project Veritas exposed that a couple of years ago.

But once again, she has gone off the deep end.

She has once again sided with Hamas after the skirmish happening in Israel and Palestine right now, specifically after an Israeli bomb blasted a four-story apartment building in the walled-off Gaza strip.

I truly cannot understand what it is that always seems to cause Democrats to be against of our greatest allies. The only thing that it could be is ignorant hatred and bias, and Ilhan Omar being tied to terrorist organizations is the image of what it means to hate Israel.

If she had enough power, she could potentially become a modern-day Hitler.

But really, it is just mindblowing to me that someone can fight back after getting attacked and then be the bad guy. That makes absolutely no sense at all, but that's what we can expect out of Democrats because their brains are not actually functioning properly, if at all.

Since the sovereign Jewish nation was established in 1948, Isreal has been like a child to us. Every year the US borrows billions of dollars to supply Israel's defense budget.

The bombing was a retaliation against the Hamas terrorists, and they gave everyone in the building time to evacuate. The families who died were simply casualties who didn't get the memo.

Leftists like to compare Israel to Nazi Germany (the irony), just because of the forced restrictions they put on Arabs, but Arabs aren't blatantly going to gas chambers, they just have to move. Everybody has to move at some point, no big deal.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene fired back at Omar's tweet with a witty "Jewish Lives Matters", a clever play on the left's mantra of the notion that black people matter.

America hates terrorists, even if we have been knowingly funneling money to them through Saudi Arabia since the 1980s. Crazy progressives know nothing about foreign policy or its effect on our economy. Good for business, good for us!

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