Maricopa County Auditor Reveals Why Democrats Are So Afraid of Audit

Pretty soon, you're going to be hearing the name Maricopa County so much that it'll become a household name.

A bomb is about to detonate in Maricopa County, even bigger than the one the idiotic LAPD detonated in SoCal.

The audit is completed and they're just making their way out of the building now where it was all set up.

The results are due any day now and we're still learning just how complex of a process this was and just how much detail goes into all of this.

One of the auditors, who actually used to print the ballots for Maricopa County explained just why it is that Democrats are so terrified of the results being released.

"I can tell you that I could go over all the process and you’d all understand, but when a ballot gets created, think about this. It’s like your bill being paid from SRP. They go out and get your voter identification number and they find out what precinct you live in, what city, what county, where your school districts are. All that information has to be accessed to create the proper ballot exactly for you. Because you have to vote for the right candidates in a city mayoral election, council elections, JP elections, the legislative district, the congressional district.

Think of those as maps that overlay the Maricopa County area and it creates all these little sections, and all these people get a very different ballot. So if somebody did what we were told they might have done, which is gone out and just duplicate a bunch of ballots, or put the same ballot it many times, or any of these kinds of things, I knew there was a way to find that out."

This really is a genius idea. I think this is a fantastic step in ensuring the integrity of elections and I think that it could go even further.

I think it would inevitably require a voter ID, which should be a no-brainer, but the Democrats know that they won't be able to get away with all the crooked dealings that they partake in so they are fighting tooth and nail against it.

I've often tried to come up with a way in which there would be almost no way of cheating the system, and this may just be it.

When each individual as a completely unique ballot, there is no way of creating a duplicate ballot. There is no way of creating false ballots either. You may not even need voter ID for something like this and voting at home by mail could be a lot more of a possibility as long as we can figure out a way to prevent them from being thrown away, stolen, or destroyed.

One thing that I found super interesting was there there was over 600 different versions of the Maricopa County ballot.

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