Man Knocks Out Pedestrian with a Brick Video Posted With Hashtag #WhiteLivesDontMatter

Authorities in Baltimore have launched an investigation after a white man was hit with a brick and fell unconscious by an unidentified black man who ran behind him.

The alarming incident was captured on cell phone footage and shared to social media on Monday with #WhiteLivesDontMatter.

Councilman Eric T. Costello condemned the attack and noted the 'complete depravity to human life' exhibited.

The footage recorded shows the innocent man walking down the street when the unidentified man comes up behind him and throws a brick into the back of his head knocking him unconscious. The man falls to the ground unconscious and the unidentified man runs away.

You can also here people behind the camera cheering and laughing at the man.

According to WayneDupree

The media and Democrats have been working overtime to divide us, and I am sad to say that in many ways it’s working.

Every day we see stories about white people randomly attacking black folks, and black folks randomly attacking white folks.

The media and the Dems are doing their best to start a race war.

And this incident in Baltimore is just another reminder that in many ways it’s working.

This particular violent incident appears to be premeditated and shot for “social media” – I say this because of the person(s) recording it on their cellphone and the hashtag that #WhiteLivesDontMatter when it was uploaded to Instagram.

From what we can gather, a white man was walking down the street, when a black man snuck up from behind and whacked him on the head with what appears to be a brick.

The man never saw it coming and falls to the ground like a sack of hammers.



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