Man Kills Subway Employee Over Dispute...Wait Until You See Why

There are some people in this world who just simply do not know how to behave properly. They don't know how to manage and regulate their own emotions and too often we see devastating results of this behavior.

Literally the tiniest things can cause people to become enraged. Road rage confrontations are happening more regularly now, and they are getting more and more dangerous, with people frequently pulling firearms on each other.

If you think that's awful, wait till you read the rest of this article.

An employee is dead and another is hurt following a shooting at a Subway store in Atlanta, which was reportedly sparked by the quantity of mayonnaise on a sandwich.

A 36-year-old Georgia man was detained on Sunday after he allegedly opened fire inside the restaurant, leaving a 26-year-old female employee, dead and another employee, 24, badly injured, according to the local police. The incident also involved the injured employee's 5-year-old son who was there.

"We had a customer come in that was a little upset with how his sandwich was fixed," Willie Glenn, the owner of the restaurant, told 11Alive. "Believe it or not, it was over too much mayonnaise on his sandwich."

"He decided to escalate the situation and from there — that's when all hell broke loose,” he continued. "Because of what happened tonight, my partners and I are reevaluating whether or not we're going to continue to do this, in this neighborhood anyways."

"It just breaks my heart to know that someone has the audacity to point a weapon and shoot someone for as little as too much mayonnaise on a sandwich," he also told WSB-TV. "It's frustrating that we have a 26-year-old female who is no longer with us. It frustrates me that we had an individual with a firearm who decided that was the answer to resolve a conflict over a sandwich."

This is absolutely crazy, and about some mayo on a sandwich? A young girl is dead over some mayo.

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