Man Facing Prison for Posting Memes Mocking Hillary Clinton

Despite claiming to support progressive ideology and free expression, today's radical left is anything but. In fact, it’s leftist-packed federal agencies that are trying to smother it. Ever since stealing his way into the White House, Joe Biden and his leftist cronies have been targeting anyone who speaks out against their anti-free speech regime.

Comedians who make fun of leftist Democrats are blackballed. Hundreds of social media accounts have been shadow-banned or outright suspended for posting opinions contrary to the radical left’s narrative. It happened during the pandemic, as well as in countless other examples of Americans seeing what a horrific job Joe Biden is doing.

Americans are being targeted. But “good old Scranton Joe” is not only weaponizing federal law enforcement to attack those with a different political view, he’s going after anyone who speaks out against a member of his party. Most people would appreciate it if Hillary Clinton just sort of “faded off into the sunset.” She’s a pathetic excuse for a so-called leader.

Hillary Clinton can provide fodder for anyone to poke fun at her. It’s kind of in her DNA to say stupid stuff. But when someone chooses to make a few innocent jokes about her blundering personality, the Biden regime “goes for blood.” One poor man is looking at spending 10 years behind bars for doing nothing more than being funny.

Douglass Mackey is a 33-year-old man who has a Twitter account called “Ricky Vaughn.” Vaughn was an endearing, quirky fictional character from the movie Major League. Vaughn was nicknamed, “the Wild Thing.” Mackey used the name for his Twitter account. Most of his content was political humor. He didn’t threaten anyone or post hateful tweets.

He simply found humor in a few easy targets. Many of his jokes focused on crooked Hillary herself. Again, she’s an easy target for jokes, being one herself. But what might happen to Douglass Mackey for finding Hillary Clinton funny isn’t. Staring down a decade in prison for posting a few memes has to be scary.

Despite amassing thousands of followers, the popular social media influencer is being targeted as a criminal. He’s not. But this should be more concerning to other Americans than they realize. If people like Hillary Clinton can order a hit-job prosecution against someone like Mackey, what’s to stop them?

If Americans don’t wake up and shut down the left’s abusive weaponization of federal law enforcement, nothing will prevent them from coming after any or all of us for anything and everything they don’t like. Nothing will stop them if we don’t. This is how tyranny and dictatorships fester.

The powerful elite subdue the masses with force. Douglass Mackey’s case is more than just a funny social media dude making fun of a politician. It’s the start of a looming crisis that Americans will find virtually impossible to recover from – a tyrannical, authoritarian government. Does “Big Brother” ring a bell? It should, because it’s here, and it’s metastasizing!

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