Man Arrested After Attempting TERRIBLE April Fools' Day Prank at Work (VIDEO)

Rule of thumb...don't play April Fools pranks at work, it's just a bad idea.

It seems clear to me that this guy ended up getting what he deserved for such a dumb prank.

I like April Fools Day. I've never been one to do extreme pranks on anyone and it's typically been limited to me pranking my wife.

I've never been someone who tried doing any pranks while at any of my former jobs because I think that overall it's a recipe for disaster.

I think there are occasions in which playing pranks aren't a good idea and that can be because of who the person being pranked is, the environment in which the prank is being performed, or the type of prank that it is.

I've seen a number of videos on YouTube where some dumb kid may go to the hood and ask people if they want beef. Of course, the stranger is going to take it as him asking if he wants to fight and is immediately going to get defensive, but then the prankster pulls out some ground beef.

This will get someone shot.

Well, some idiot decided it would be a good idea to play a prank that involved an active shooter situation.

A woman called her sister while she was at work and told her sister that someone was there with a gun and that they were having to hide from the shooter. This, of course, wasn't true and resulted in the discovery that this was intended to be a joke.

"Basically she had called her sister and said something to the effect of a guy was fired yesterday and has come back in with a gun. We are all hiding in a locked office and asked her to call the police," said Clark County Sheriff's Office Maj. Chris Clark on Thursday.

The sister called 911 and reported the alarming claim. Police immediately responded and arrived within 2 minutes at the plant.

Clark said that deputies performed a sweep of the plant and found no threat.

They later were able to deduce that the call was made as a prank.

"Everyone was completely fine," Clark said.

As a result, the woman was arrested for making the prank call and is being charged with inducing panic and disrupting public service.

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