Major World Country Officially REJECTS Gender Ideology in New Ruling, Time for America to Do the Same

As the phrase “follow the science” has become increasingly popular in recent years, particularly in reaction to global events, so too has a phenomenon which defies scientific understanding...the idea of a “third gender” or even of being “non-binary.” This notion suggests that a person does not have to be either male or female, but can instead be a combination of the two. Which is a crock if you ask me, and anti-science.

Unfortunately, this new phenomenon has been accepted as fact by a growing number of people, despite the clear scientific evidence that human beings are either biologically male or female. The idea of gender fluidity has become so accepted within some circles that it is being taught in schools and is even being embraced by some companies and government agencies.

We must make sure that our children are taught properly about gender, lest we risk alienating them from the truth. This is no time to be playing fast and loose with scientific facts, or our future generations will suffer for it.

Science clearly says that the human race is binary. There are two sexes of creatures. This holds true for almost every other species of living creature on the planet. To proclaim a third, non-binary set of beliefs, you need some scientific proof.

There aren’t any. If a scientist ever produced such evidence, it would certainly shock the world. Until that point in time, science says there are two genders in the human species. We are binary.

As many nations around the world struggle with reality, Switzerland is a breath of fresh air. Switzerland has notoriously remained neutral in world conflicts. However, in the binary gender debate, the Swiss have taken a stance.

According to the Swiss Federal Council (SFC), there are two genders, just like “the science” says. In a statement, the council said, “The binary gender model is still strongly anchored in Swiss society.”

“The social preconditions for the introduction of a third gender or for a general waiver of the gender entry in the civil registry currently are not there.” The Associated Press reported that the SFC insisted that a third or non-binary gender would require rewriting the Swiss constitution.

Most totally agree with that part of the statement. Nevertheless, the explanation could go further. Not only would laws and constitutions need to be changed, but to assert a third or non-binary gender of humans would require another huge rewrite.

“They’d,” regardless of their pronoun of choice, have to first rewrite every medical journal, biology paper, and reproductive textbook ever written. To change reality, “they’d” have to “reinvent science!” Until biology tells us otherwise, non-binary is nothing but nonsensical non-science, or in short, “nonsense”!

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