Major University Creates New "Gender Inclusive" Terms for College Grade Levels

Is there some sort of contest going on that I don't know about?

Is everyone trying to compete and see who can be the most "woke" for 2021? Because that's sure what it looks like right now with all of the nonsense that I've been seeing lately.

The Cancel Culture has struck again, this time at Penn State University.

First-year students at Penn State will no longer be referred to as freshman. Also, when they are ready to graduate, they will not be called seniors anymore. Several members of the university's faculty who sit on its senate committee voted for a new resolution that will do away with these and other words.

Pennsylvania State University now has a passed resolution prohibiting “inclusive language”. The faculty considers the words to be paternalistic labels that encourage male domination on the campus. This small group at Penn State named it the “Removal of Gendered & Binary Terms from Course and Program Descriptions” resolution.

According to The Daily Wire,

The resolution will also replace the terms “freshman/sophomore/junior/senior” with the terms first-year, second-year, third-year, fourth-year, and beyond.

Concerns were raised by staff members that numbering years beyond fourth would “perhaps negatively reflect on students who, for various reasons, are taking longer to complete their (typically) four-year programs.”

The resolution suggests that instead of being called “fifth-year” students or “super-seniors,” students should be referred to as “advanced standing students.”

Terms such as “underclassmen” and “upperclassmen” were also switched to “lower division” and “upper division.”

It furthers the current push to do away with perceived sexist and gender-specific terms, including he, she, his, her, mother, father, brother, aunt, and so on. They would be replaced with non-gender sounding words, such as it, they, their, parent, sibling, parent's sibling, and more. Penn State's new resolution goes as far as requiring that course names and descriptions be rewritten to reflect the woke ideology of the "squad" and the new administration.

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