Major Twist As Proud Boys Call Out DOJ Over Unveiled Informants

The Department of Justice (DOJ) has recently unveiled yet another government informant, as explained by one attorney representing one of the Proud Boys facing down a charge of seditious conspiracy in relation to January 6.

The most recent twist, in this case, took place this past Wednesday when the government explained to the defense that this person, who was slated to make an appearance on behalf of one of the defendants was actually working as a "Confidential Human Source" (CHS) over the period of April 2021 through at least January 2023, as explained via a filing with the court.

"During this period of time, the CHS has been in contact via telephone, text messaging and other electronic means, with one or more of the counsel for the defense and at least one defendant," explained attorney Carmen Hernandez.

Despite not being directly identified within the court filing, the informant took part in prayer meetings with a number of members from one or more of the defendants' families and also took part in conversations with the family of one defendant about replacing one member of the defense counsel, explained the attorney.

Hernandez, who is the legal representation of Zachary Rehl, made the assertions as part of a motion that is trying to compel the full disclosure of all FBI interview reports as well as all DOJ memos in relation to the recording and reporting of the defense team.

Tim Kelly, a U.S. District Court Judge,  pressed the U.S. government to issued a response to this filing by no latter than Thursday morning, but then ordered the deal to be extended out until the afternoon to following by a hearing about the motion and subsequently pushed back the trial to resume this coming Friday.

The case involves former Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio, Rehl, and a group of three others -- Joe Biggs, Ethan Nordean, and Dominic Pezzola-- who were all indicted within the federal court for charges of seditious conspiracy and other offenses in relation to January 6, 2021, the day a crowd of people rushed into the U.S. Capitol and disrupted lawmakers who were meeting to certify the election victory of Biden back in 2020.

That is already known, the Justice Department has indicated that the FBI has established close to eight informants inside the Proud Boys leading up to the events of January 6. A report from the New York Times, which originally reported these events back in November, insisted that absolutely no "evidence has surfaced"  which could suggest that the FBI "played any role in the attack."

Others have been quite skeptical, including one senior writer for American Greatness that has been known to closely follow the story, Julie Kelly. She issued a reaction to the court filing earlier this week by stating, "DOJ asked Judge Kelly to force defense team to vet questions related to FBI informants WITH THE GOVERNMENT before any were asked in front of the jury. Kelly, of course, complied. Now we know why." The writer also stated that the DOJ "knows they have a terribly weak case."


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