"Mad Dog" Mattis Betrays America AGAIN! - Unbelievable!

This is a surprising turn of events to me. Jim Mattis, some times referred to as "Mad Dog" Mattis has declared his hopes that the Biden Administration, should he get into office, will drop the "America First" WE THE PEOPLE have longed for and gotten under Donald Trump.

Mattis penned the op-ed, titled “Defense in Depth,” for Foreign Affairs:

“In January, when President Joe Biden and his national security team begin to reevaluate U.S. foreign policy, we hope they will quickly revise the national security strategy to eliminate ‘America first’ from its contents, restoring in its place the commitment to cooperative security that has served the United States so well for decades,” a team of four including Mattis wrote. “The best strategy for ensuring safety and prosperity is to buttress American military strength with enhanced civilian tools and a restored network of solid alliances – both necessary to achieving defense in depth.”

I'm not really sure I agree with this. Donald Trump has it right... for far too long (especially under the Obama Admin) we have bowed way too much to foreign powers, with many believing it has created a perception of The United States as being weak. Something that Trump had already begin to turn around during his first year in office.

“In practice, ‘America first’ has meant ‘America alone,’” they wrote. “That has damaged the country's ability to address problems before they reach U.S. territory and has thus compounded the danger emergent threats pose.”

Except there have been no outside threats to US Soil since Trump took office... unless I have turned an absolute blind eye to SOMETHING.

“This is delusion,” they wrote. “Sovereign countries always have choices: to compromise with aggressors, take actions opposed to U.S. interests, opt out of assistance when the United States needs it, or cooperate with one another on activities from which the United States is excluded.”

“Not even the United States is strong enough to protect itself on its own,” they continued. “Cooperating with like-minded nations to sustain an international order of mutual security and prosperity is a cost-effective way of securing that help.”

As a military man, Mattis should know that our Navy ALONE could handle most threats. Add that to every other branch of our Armed Forces and the various allies we already have (and would continue to have) around the globe and again I can't say that I agree with them/him here.

Later, in the opt-ed piece:

“Crucially, the United States should not press countries to choose outright between the two powers,” they said.  “A ‘with us or against us’ approach plays to China's advantage because the economic prosperity of U.S. allies and partners hinges on strong trade and investment relationships with Beijing.”

Am I wrong? Hasn't China been bowing a bit to Trump's plays? What do you think? Shout out in the comments below!

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