Looters Get Instant Karma After Looting Business in Philly Riots

So let me just start off by explaining what happened to cause these riots that are currently going on in Philadelphia.

To be brief, two law enforcement officers shot a black man by the name of Walter Wallace.

Why is it important to mention that it's a black man? Only for the fact that this is what triggers the left and the domestic t*rrorists of our country to cause violence.

Wallace was coming at the officers with a knife and refused to put it down so as he continued to pursue them, the officers discharged their weapons and shot him 10 times.

That's where the riots come in.

The Governor of Pennsylvania, Tom Wolf, has been defending these riot by calling them peaceful protests:

"Well first of all I'm, I mean I'm, as everyone is uh really sad by the, the death of of the victim. And and I think I uh, share in mourning with the family. Anytime that happens is a tragedy, for whatever reason, uh and I think uh we need to make sure that that that we uh uh follow up, find out what happened I'm, and my staff and have been in constant communication since last night uh with the folks in Philadelphia. Uh And the hope is that that doesn't escalate into anything uh more than, than the peaceful protests that I think this kind of situation brings out."

But what is insane about this is that the looters are getting instant karma.

There have been 11 looters shot, but not by police. They were shot by other looters or people defending their businesses.

But here's the ironic thing, a looter actually called the police because someone stole his car which was filled with stolen goods that he had looted from other businesses in the area.


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