LOL! Look Who Wants to Run Against Trump…He’s Delusional!

Political miscalculations can end a career in public service in an instant. The majority of political failures stem from a complete lack of communication with the American people. Many aspiring politicians appear to be oblivious to this crucial aspect of running for, and then holding, public office.

With Donald J. Trump, however, this was not the case. What was vital to Americans was recognized by President Trump. He was able to engage with the people on a personal level. His ability to connect with voters helped drive him to the White House in 2016.

It took the manipulation of information by big tech and the mainstream media, as well as a lot of electoral fraud, to keep President Trump from winning a second term. Millions of Americans are experiencing buyer's remorse after seeing Biden ruin the country in a year.

Thousands of Americans, those who may have honestly cast a vote for Joe Biden, are denouncing their choice. Our nation is looking ahead towards the 2022 midterms to balance the books. In 2024, the American voter will have an opportunity to rectify an egregious error.

As we watch the political theater unfold, Joe Biden continues to cement himself as the worst president in U.S. history. There are rumors that Biden told Barack Obama he intends to run in 2024. Virtually any potential Republican presidential candidate must be salivating.

Most assume Biden’s crazy quest for a second term would be another head-to-head match against President Trump. Despite horrific approval ratings, Biden still insists that he is what the American people want. He is not.

There is a growing sense that the policies and ideas of President Trump are what Americans really want. It’s being seen in how people view Biden’s abysmal handling of the economy, the southern border, and the U.S. presence on the world stage, just to name a few.

Joe Biden is underwater in every poll and on every policy. He is an abject failure. There are at least a handful of potential Republican presidential challengers who would obliterate Biden head-to-head. But most still believe that the 2024 Republican nominee will be President Trump.

Of all the potential Republican presidential hopefuls, there are some who have zero chance of even getting out of the primary, let alone beating a Democrat. One of those is crying Adam Kinzinger. Kinzinger couldn’t even handle the job of U.S. Congressman.

Kinzinger’s belief that somehow he has a chance against any of a dozen or more potential Republican presidential candidates is a blatant example of political disconnect. Adam Kinzinger is all about publicity. He couldn’t care less about what the American people want.

This seems to be an inherent trait of at least a few Republican politicians in Washington, D.C. While it’s not overly prevalent, there is a substantial number who are clearly Republicans in Name Only, or RINOs. They do not help promote conservative ideology.

Americans are waking up to this charade. For Adam Kinzinger to think he could even earn enough votes to make it out of the first Republican presidential primary is laughable. To think he could ever be named the party’s presidential candidate is a joke.

But Kinzinger is so self-absorbed that he’s actually entertaining the notion. He has failed as the U.S. Representative from Illinois’ 16th Congressional District. Kinzinger has done so poorly at representing his own state that he’s announced he’s not even running again.

The only reason he would run would be an insatiable appetite for the public spotlight. He will be obliterated on the debate stage. It’s this narcissistic personality that motivates these people. Politicians like Adam Kinzinger do not aspire to serve. They serve their own self-interests.

Certainly, if Adam Kinzinger wants to completely embarrass himself, he can choose to run in the 2024 Republican presidential primary. He has zero chance of winning. He’ll be long gone, probably the day after the first Iowa caucus primary on February 5, 2024.

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