LOL! Libs Fume Over George Santos' Latest Development

You might love him or hate him, but one thing can be said. Rep. George Santos can really trigger Democrats in congress.

There is a new development in the story of George Santos, the Republican Congressman representing parts of Long Island and Queens. Despite facing criminal probes, and ethics investigations, Santos recently filed paperwork indicating he will run for re-election in 2022.

This filing allows Santos to keep raising money and spending it on campaign-related expenses, including paying back the $705,000 he lent to his campaign and paying any legal fees related to the investigations he is facing. However, many questions remain on where he got the $705,000, given his income of only $55,000 during his failed 2020 campaign.

There have also been a number of other allegations against Santos, including that he stole money from veterans and sick dogs, falsely claimed to be Jewish, lied about his resume, and used his campaign funds as a personal spending account. Last month Santos told Piers Morgan that he fabricated his resume during the 2022 campaign because he already “got away with” doing it in 2020.

Now, it is alleged that Santos was the mastermind behind an ATM fraud involving a former roommate who has since written to the FBI about the scam. This identity theft con took place in Washington state in 2017 and according to the letter, Santos was the brains behind the crime.

Santos has faced calls from RINOs and his constituents to step down, and he already gave up committee assignments in an effort to avoid being a “distraction.” However, by filing for re-election, it is clear that Santos has no intention of backing down or stepping aside.

Let's be real, Santos isn't the first DC politician to tell some whoppers.

The effort to get rid of Santos is so Democrats can even the score after they lost the House despite having liars like Senator Blumenthal still in office.

They are getting so desperate the Biden admin has sent the FBI after him.

So far everything Santos is innocent until proven guilty and is currently under investigation just like Rep. Cori Bush and AOC are.

Nobody is demanding that they step down.

Matter of fact despite AOC being under investigation she has no problem being re-elected and that's what scares the left to death.

They are afraid that if Santos doesn't back down there is a chance he'll be re-elected.

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