Liz Cheney’s Connections to China’s Military & Illegal Spying on President Trump Blown Wide Open

Only two Republicans have the audacity to serve on Nancy Pelosi's phony commission on January 6th. The sole purpose of this phony investigation is to slander President Trump. Liz Cheney, a crooked Wyoming lawmaker, is one of two Republican traitors.

The other is Illinois politician Adam Kinzinger, who is known for his tears. The only reason these two agreed to serve on this bogus committee is since they both despise President Trump. But maybe there's more to Liz Cheney's story than meets the eye.

Cheney has already been kicked out of the Wyoming Republican Party. Her time in Washington, D.C., at least as an elected official from Wyoming, is tenuous at best. Liz Cheney’s time holding any type of government position may be in trouble as well.

John Solomon and Joe Hoft recently published a short piece about Cheney’s potential connections to the Chinese military. They also delved into suspicious correlations between Cheney’s husband and those involved in spying on President Trump in the White House.

The two others proclaim that some material is currently only conjecture. However, there is a suspicious trail of evidence that connects Liz Cheney to both of these potential crimes. First, Cheney is the Republican ringleader in the effort to defame and discredit President Trump.

She may eventually be revealed as one of the primary conspirators, including all the Democrats involved. Solomon and Hoft say they found evidence that could link Cheney’s husband to other efforts to destroy the former president.

Latham & Watkins LLP are listed as attorney of record for clients doing business directly with the Chinese military. The firm has also represented Marc Elias. It’s alleged that lawyers from the Latham team may have direct evidence about Michael Sussmann.

Sussmann is the Hillary Clinton lawyer facing federal charges that resulted from the John Durham investigation into the origin of the Russia collusion hoax. Elias is the paymaster attached to the notorious Hillary Clinton campaign-funded Steele dossier.

Now, Latham does employ roughly 6,000 counselors. There’s a realistic sense that Cheney’s husband may not have been a member of the representation team for these clients. But is it that much of a stretch to think he didn’t know something about each case? We smell a rat.

There is no denying that Liz Cheney is the biggest President Trump hater in Washington, D.C., at least in the Republican Party. She might be the biggest hater in all of Congress. Why is Liz so intent on pushing a false claim that President Trump is somehow at fault for January 6?

Cheney and the rest of the sham commission aren’t looking for the truth. It’s a lynch mob trying to paint a false picture of the former president. Or is there something even deeper at play? Is Cheney trying to hide behind some fake facade?

Is she trying to deflect the scrutiny of her own misgivings and corruption? The Biden’s despise President Donald Trump.Liz Cheney openly hates the man. The majority of high-ranking liberal Democrats detest him as well. President Trump is a threat to their corrupt way of life.

But what else do they all seem to have in common? Every single one of them is gradually being linked to the Communist China Party. Are these associations just coincidence? Not on your life. We smell a big fat rat, and the cheese is being fed to them courtesy of Beijing.

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