Liz Cheney Says “2000 Mules” Was Debunked — Wireless Services CEO Sets Story Straight (Video)

When liars are forced to debate actual facts, they try to insist that what people see with their own eyes is somehow wrong. The Joe Biden administration is practiced in the art. However, debunking visible facts is a trademark attribute of most “deep swamp denizens.”

One contentious debate being claimed as untrue is President Trump’s rightful claim that the 2020 presidential election was corrupted. It was. Not only were hundreds of thousands of illegal votes counted, but big tech and the mainstream media manipulated the election narrative.

Joe Biden cheated, and his cronies in the mainstream media helped him cheat. When Americans showed up at Capitol Hill to protest, things got out of hand. It wasn’t President Trump’s fault. Many believe that peaceful protesters were purposefully encouraged to do dumb things.

The chaotic result from January 6 was both unfortunate and wrong. However, they weren’t President Trump’s fault. Furthermore, his assertion that there was widespread fraud during the presidential election has been proven with visual evidence.

The American public can watch visual proof that the 2020 election was a big fraud. Dinesh D’Souza has produced a startling documentary titled 2000 Mules. The compelling film coordinated hundreds of hours of video surveillance footage.

The mainstream media needs better writers who actually use plausible arguments. In trademark fashion, the fact-checkers are trying to sell the American public a false narrative. They’re relying on incorrect arguments to dispute an indisputable point.

Their only reason is that it is an argument based on conservative ideology. The crooked liberal mainstream media simply repeats these baseless claims. It’s an orchestrated scam. All that the likes of Liz Cheney and Bill Barr do is to parrot these false claims.

One of the more bogus claims denouncing 2000 Mules involves the use of cellphone tracking data.

Volta Wireless founder David Sinclair blatantly insisted that the claims were inaccurate. He insists that the premise these half-baked journalists are using is dated. Sinclair says that virtually all the tracking data is accurate down to a few feet.

Liberal journalists are using arguments based on technology from years ago. Sinclair flat out said, “A lot of the fact-checkers, it’s clear, don’t have the technical foundation for the comments that they are making. They are making statements like ‘experts say that the location data you get from a mobile phone is going to be plus or minus 100 feet’. While that may have been true at some point, that’s really not true today at all. It’s down to being within a few feet… And these phones are using GPS locations. They’re also using location triangulation with the towers,”

A problem arises when public officials make statements based on these erroneous arguments. Bill Barr and Liz Cheney are making public assertions that are based on lies. No one should be surprised at Liz Cheney’s making such uninformed boasts. She’s an idiot.

But most wouldn’t argue that Bill Barr is a smart man. Likewise, there were times when he was an excellent Attorney General. However, in his later years, Bill Barr seems to have grown lazy. His discounting of the overwhelming facts surrounding the fraudulent 2020 election is proof.

Bill Barr seemed to sour on President Trump. Whenever this happened, his ambitious support for truth dissipated. If the election was stolen, Bill Barr would have been entrusted with a huge responsibility. It seems that Bill Barr had his mind on other things, like lucrative book deals.

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