Liz Cheney Getting Manhandled in GOP Primary, Dramatically Trails Behind Republican Challenger

If you think Crazy Liz Cheney was bad leading up to the January 6 commission, watch as we inch closer to the Wyoming Republican primary. On August 16, Cheney will be on the ballot against President-Trump’s endorsed U.S. Senate candidate, Harriet Hageman.

Recently, President Trump held a rally to help generate enthusiasm for Hageman. The former president is fighting to help rid Washington, D.C. of one of the most toxic Republican turncoats in history. Phony Republicans across the nation are facing similar battles. Liz Cheney is a fraud.

Even the Wyoming Republican Party kicked her out. She is like a cancer that is eating away at the fabric of American conservatism. Liz Cheney is really a liberal progressive wearing a Republican uniform. But her time on the Republican team may be short-lived.

A new survey from Cygnal shows that less than 30 percent of Wyoming voters have a favorable opinion of Liz Cheney. More than 70 percent of registered voters have an unfavorable opinion of the phony U.S. Representative from Wyoming’s massive at-large district.

Cheney’s only hope of winning the primary is an unusually large turnout of independents and Democrats for a Republican primary. Proud Wyoming conservatives should be very wary of crooked liberal tactics.

Back in 2018, a group called Switch for Wyoming tried to urge Democrats to switch parties long enough to sway a Republican primary for governor. Wyoming is one of only 17 states where voters can change their party affiliation and then turn around and vote that same day.

Democrats would be unable to cast a ballot to determine the Democrat representative for November. However, getting a phony Republican would be just as viable a strategy. Furthermore, it would cement the fact that Democrats vote out of animosity, not patriotism.

The mainstream media have fueled such bitterness towards President Trump that liberals’ hatred is unbridled. It’s both an unfounded narrative and one that’s helped to split our great nation. But recent polls say that Hageman’s wave of popularity is going to overwhelm Cheney.

The “Club for Growth” posted a May 2022 poll that has Hageman winning 56 percent of the vote to Cheney’s 26 percent. This is bigger than just Wyoming. This is an election in which American conservative voters will tell their public officials what they think about Republican traitors.

Wyoming isn’t the only state where spineless, phony Republicans may be ousted from office. If conservatives want something done in Washington, D.C., November needs to be more than just a red wave. It needs to be a sweeping tsunami of true Save America conservatism!

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