Conspiracy Theorist Have a Very Interesting Idea of the True Origins of the Coronavirus

Well well well. So as it turns out the Coronavirus didn't contaminate and get 11 million people sick in December by buying wildlife from the Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market. As it turns out it came from a research lab that was right there near the market in the epicenter of the outbreak.

The research center started testing on wild animals when the SARS outbreak happened then later moved to the now well known Coronavirus. You may think, Do these researchers not know how to keep their specimens contained or in closed tubes?

That's not exactly the case apparently.

It was found out that these animals that were tested on were not cremated as they should have by law but were sold for side cash, actually a lot of cash, to the Market.

This has been going on for quite a while. One researcher actually sits in jail after selling rats and monkeys to the Market.

According to The New York Post:

Xi didn’t actually admit that the coronavirus now devastating large swaths of China had escaped from one of the country’s bioresearch labs. But the very next day, evidence emerged suggesting that this is exactly what happened, as the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology released a new directive titled: “Instructions on strengthening biosecurity management in microbiology labs that handle advanced viruses like the novel coronavirus.”

Read that again. It sure sounds like China has a problem keeping dangerous pathogens in test tubes where they belong, doesn’t it? And just how many “microbiology labs” are there in China that handle “advanced viruses like the novel coronavirus”?

It turns out that in all of China, there is only one. And this one is located in the Chinese city of Wuhan that just happens to be … the epicenter of the epidemic.

That’s right. China’s only Level 4 microbiology lab that is equipped to handle deadly coronaviruses, called the National Biosafety Laboratory, is part of the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

It's quite scary that this has been happening. These animals were not only wild-caught and tested on but were sold as food for the people in that area. It almost seems to me to be a passive-aggressive way to start an attack on people.

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