‘Libs of Tik Tok’ Twitter Account Temporarily Suspended After Exposing Discrimination by DuckDuckGo

A new, but astonishingly viral TikTok account has been temporarily suspended. Libs of TikTok has enticed over a quarter-million followers in less than a year. Through a series of viral videos, Libs of TikTok have gotten teachers fired and other radical liberals abusive behavior uncovered.

A recent target was a supposedly conservative-friendly alternative to the liberal search engine Google. DuckDuckGo has a growing appeal for conservative people who value free speech rights and especially privacy.

Well, during a twisted process of a white male computer developer applying for a job with DuckDuckGo, Libs of TikTok exposed the underbelly of “The Duck”. As a white male mobile developer, with over a decade of experience, he couldn’t muster an interview.

However, this individual flipped the script on DuckDuckGo. They reapplied as a black lesbian, but with less than half the actual experience. Because they applied as an underprivileged minority with an alternative lifestyle, they have been bumped up to a second round of interviews.

Libs of TikTok shared the hypocrisy, but Twitter doesn’t like it when the liberal agenda gets exposed for what it really is. In the face of discrimination, many of these big tech companies blatantly discriminate on a daily basis.

The problem is, they only discriminate against the color and race of people they say discriminate. Big Tech is the poster child for reverse racism. Catching where this is all going yet? Yes, even a company that boasts of being more open and discriminatory discriminates.

Twitter didn’t appreciate the truth, evidently, so they shut down the Libs of TikTok account. While only a twelve-hour penalty was handed down by Twitter, they forced the account to remove all the tweets and forbid them from sharing even screenshots directly.

The hypocrisy of big tech censorship knows no boundaries. Even when reverse discrimination is clearly exposed, these master manipulators silence anyone who tries to expose them. Truth doesn’t matter. All that matters to big tech companies like Twitter is censorship and control.

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