Liberty-Loving Dad Proudly Sings National Anthem at Game When It Wasn't Played (VIDEO)

Radicals have been challenging how and when our National Anthem is played. Some don’t want it at all, especially prior to sporting events. Others insist we need a second anthem in order for the flag be more inclusive of everyone who has ever lived here - but this will never happen because there can only ever be one!

Our nation has stood proudly for the National Anthem for decades. It is a symbol of our heritage, and at sporting events it should be played before each game with no interruption or delay so that fans can show their respect by standing in unison as well-even if they do not know all lyrics to the song.

At Trojan Stadium in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, there was some type of technical difficulty that would not allow the anthem to be played prior to a high school soccer game. Well, patriotism is loud and proud in Johnstown.

Mark Lux, at the game to watch his daughter play, decided to take it upon himself to sing the anthem. His a cappella crooning of the song that represents freedom to millions of Americans has since gone viral.

The TikTok video of Lux singing the National Anthem has triggered over three million views. His instinctive sense of American patriotism has generated over 800,000 likes, nearly 18,000 comments, and thousands of shares. Lux’s patriotism runs deep. He is a U.S. Navy veteran.

Lux’s family has a longstanding tradition of military service. Mark Lux is a proud American who is not afraid to show he is proud of his country and its National Anthem. Lux’s singing prowess was not lost on experience. He has been singing for many years.

The Best Windows and Doors employee has provided the voice for company commercials. Johnstown residents know his voice from local bands that he sings in. When Mark Lux stood up to sing our National Anthem, he showed the endearing traits that in means to be an American.

Lux showed not only true patriotism, but true love of country and appreciation of sportsmanship. Mark Lux didn’t sing two anthems. He sang only one, the one and only true National Anthem of the United States of America. We need more Mark Lux’s in our country today.

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