Liberals Use Rainbow Monkey Equipped with Sex Toy to Encourage Children to Read

There are some kids who like to read books. In fact, I would like to think that most kids probably like books.

If they don't like reading, I think there are several ways to help encourage them to read. But what you're about to read about is not one of them.

When I was a kid, I liked to read a little, but not a ton. When I got to high school, I really hated reading.

After having kids of my own and talking to my wife about reading, I later realized that I didn't like reading in high school because I was forced to read things that I had no interest in reading.

For my entire four years in high school, when I had to do a book report, I did it on the very same book each and every time. That book was, "The Red Badge of Courage". To this very day, I've never read the book. I ended up finding the book report online somewhere and used it. It amused me that I would get different grades on it from different teachers. Maybe I will read it someday to see what it is about.

My son loves to read. We read to him even before he was born and to this day, he loves reading books and writing books of his own.

One good idea that I've seen recently for parents to encourage their children to read is to pay them either something like $1 per book or $0.01 per page. I like that idea and it's probably one of the best investments you could make. Perhaps one day if my son isn't interested in the sort of books that I enjoy, I'll make him that offer as well.

But I'll tell you one idea that's definitely not a good one for encouraging children to read, and that's by hiring a rainbow monkey with a dild0 flapping around to get them to the library.

Nonetheless, that's exactly what one library in London did. I wish I was kidding.

Following the massive backlash that the library received, they immediately pulled the event and apologized for not knowing about the costume.

Am I stupid or something? because if I were coordinating an event for children, I would make sure that everything is appropriate. I would say, okay, show me the costumes you're going to use and I would be there to make sure that no funny business happened like this.

If I ran the library and I saw a dild0-bearing monkey, I would throw that dirtbag out so fast that the children wouldn't even have time to see it.

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