Liberals Threaten to Boycott Hobby Lobby over this.....

Liberals are calling to boycott Hobby Lobby, the biggest privately owned arts and crafts store in America. After someone made some home decorations spell out a pro-Trump message.

It all started with a post on twitter that shows a bunch of home decoration letters that someone made spell out "U.S.A. VOTE TRUMP" and the image went viral.

Do they not understand that anybody can re-arrange the letter even the CEO of Hobby Lobby said, "We're all aware that customers re-arrange these letters all the time, right?"

After all the last Hobby Lobby boycott they did let to the store having record-high sales.

According to WayneDupree

Hobby Lobby is being hit with backlash today after a pro-Donald Trump message appeared on a display at one of their stores in the United States.

Social media users are calling for a boycott of the chain of stores after a photo went viral of decorative letters inside a Hobby Lobby being rearranged to say “USA Vote Trump.” It has not been confirmed whether it was a store employee or customers who arranged the letters in this way. Liberal social media users, however, don’t seem to care who did it; they are now determined to boycott Hobby Lobby.

“We’re all aware that customers re-arrange these letters all the time, right?” one user wrote. “Call my [sic] old-fashioned, but I prefer to be outraged at Hobby Lobby for making it so that employers can decide what kind of healthcare their employees can get.”

Another Twitter user attacked Hobby Lobby for being pro-Christian.

“I’ve been in a Hobby Lobby one time. The Jesus music was just too d**n much. I had to wash off the stink of hypocrisy and Christianity when I got home,” one person wrote. Another user stated, “#HobbyLobby will get ZERO and I do mean ZERO of my family’s money. I will not set foot in one EVER again.”

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