Liberals Freak Out After President Trump Shares Tweet from El Salvador President

It would appear that no one took notice of it, but now, as a result of Lara Logan's efforts, a tweet has been brought back to light, and the left and the mainstream media are going absolutely bonkers over it.

Back in March, the President of El Salvador tweeted, "The most powerful country in the world is falling so fast, that it makes you rethink what are the real reasons. Something so big and powerful can't be destroyed so quickly, unless the enemy comes from within."

This tweet was retweeted by one user, who added the phrase "Civil War" to the end of it.

President Trump shared this on his Truth Social platform and not media outlets like the Daily Mail are attacking him saying that "Donald Trump is calling for Civil War." This was apparently something that Rep. Eric Swalwell said.

These people really are idiots. This isn't President Trump calling for a Civil War, he's saying that one is already taking place, which is true.

Bukele also fired back saying, ''The U.S. government continues to support El Salvador to reduce the proliferation of gangs'. Really? Yes, we got support from the U.S. government to fight crime, but the was UNDER THE TRUMP ADMINISTRATION. You are only supporting the gangs and their 'civil liberties' now.'

This isn't news to those of us who aren't brainwashed morons like those on the left. It's something we've been saying for a long time. This country is failing due to Democrats' erosion of our freedoms, but somehow these incompetent idiots in Congress, as well as people who continue to vote for them, are completely clueless to the reality.

Honestly though, just think about what we've now experiencing under the Biden regime:

  • We have people being held as political prisoners for being inside of the Capitol building on January 6, 2021.
  • We have record high gas prices.
  • We have record high inflation.
  • We are still experiencing the remnants of the tyrannical orders from the Democrats during the pandemic.
  • We lost the war in Afghanistan and gave over more territory to Al-Qaeda than what they had initially when we started the war.
  • We have millions of illegal immigrants flooding the borders, many of them are criminals in hiding.
  • The Biden regime is trying to create an actual department that monitors free speech in order to dispel "disinformation" aka views contrary to their own.
  • Conservatives are constantly attacked.
  • We no longer prosecute criminals for illegal behavior.
  • The man in charge shouldn't be there but is because of a st0len election.
  • The supposed Vice President is MIA and hasn't actually done anything productive since coming into office.

We're the laughingstock of the world.

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